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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Character Questionnaire:

Please answer these questions. It will help you develop a well rounded character, and it will help me integrate your character into the game, and learn how they will react in society.

1. What is your name? (Please include middle names and nick names, if any)

Audrey de Vere

2. How old are you? And your Birthday?

May 30th

3. Where were you educated? Did you complete your education fully and to the best of your ability? Why?

I was educated in [name of town where we are currently] which is where I met the others. I have a primary degree in History and Classical Civilization. Postgraduate MLIS.

4. Describe your family. Do you have any siblings? Pets?

My parents have a farm miles away, I try to visit them occasionally. I have two of each gender siblings, scattered all over the world. I have a cat, Mischa, that I got from the Humane Society; I left my dog with my parents as she was getting old.

5. Are you superstitious? What is your star sign?

somewhat. Gemini.

6. Do you believe in Fate? Do you have faith? If so in what?

I believe that there is some fate but that our actions can change things. I'm searching for some answers, I was brought up Catholic but recently I've been having doubts.

7. Would you kill? For vengeance? For Love? For Money? For Thrills? For your country?

difficult question. It would depend on the circumstances.

8. What is your political stance? Why?

Largely green.

9. What do you do about homeless people/ beggars and bums/ travellers/ gypsies?

Some of them are there because it's an easy ride. Some because life has been very hard.

10. What would you do if somebody knocked on your door asking for money? What if they were Mormon/ Jehovah’s Witness’/ Other Generic or Otherwise religious organisation?

I would be annoyed. I dislike begging, from any circumstance. I prefer to donate off my own bat. I also regard religious hawkers as annoyances.

11. Is it wrong to steal? What if you had to support a family? An addiction?

again it depends. Addicts need treatment. If I had to support a family and there were no other choices I would steal. I would explore every other avenue first but stealing could be considered.

12. Do you drive? If so; within the speed limits? With proper tax and insurance?

Yes, usually unless there is an emergency, yes.

13. Do you hold a valid licence: for car/ T.V. / pet/ rifle or other firearm?

Yes for car, tv, pet, don't hold with firearms.

14. Do you have a police record? For what? Were you imprisoned? Deported?


15. Do you play/ watch/ follow sport? Which sport(s)? For how long?

I tried once to understand sports but failed miserably. I occasionally watch bits of the olympics or ice-skating.

16. Would you lie to the authorities for a friend/ loved one/ yourself? Would you provide a false alibi in a recognised court of law?

It would depend on the circumstances. I would prefer not to, and would try to tell the truth as far as possible.

17. Do you read? If so; what? CAN you read? Can you write and are you numerically proficient?

I read almost anything. When I'm off I read lots of fiction I enjoy mysteries, particularly early 20th century stuff like Agatha Christie and John Creasy.

18. Is the government hiding things? Is it for your protection? For their profit/ or other wise gain? Do you care?

I do not believe that the government tell us everything, some is I'm sure for national security reasons, some is because some long standing secrets are too embarassing to reveal

19. Do you recycle? Do you care for the environment? Please kill one species: Tiger/ Brown Bear.

I recycle as much as I can, I try to respect the environment, try to buy environmentally friendly produce and organic groceries, occasionally I do slip up but I keep trying.

Pick one species. Brown Bear if I have to.

20. Do you hunt? If so; what? Do you hunt within legal hunting ground/ within the specified legal hunting season? Could you ever imagine Humans as being ‘game’?

I don't hunt but if I had to I would. I couldn't imagine humans as 'game' but didn't some guy called Saban write a book with things like that... gimme a moment while I check that. Actually it's Sarban and the book was Sound of his Horn.

21. Are you computer literate? Internet literate? Could you be considered a hacker?

22. When it comes down to it, do you like yourself as a person?

23. Would you kill for anyone? Die for them? Could you raise your hand in anger against anyone?

24. Would you be capable of suicide?

No, but then again if I was dying I don't know what I would do.

25. Is there anything that you would not do for money?

Yes. I hold my ethics close.

26. Do you abide by a set of ethics and morals? If yes, please give a brief description. If no, why not and do you consider yourself more liberated than others because of this decision?


27. Is there anything else you would like to add?


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